Boats for consideration in the marina, on water lot 3139 sub-leased from the District of Sechelt (DOS) to Sunshine Heights Owners and Residents Association (SHORA), requires that vessels be no more than 25 feet in length, for use by members of the society, for recreational purposes only. The sub-lease with DOS covers the period of 2006-2036 and states no moorage on the breakwater and requires annual reporting that states the number of lineal feet of dock developed for moorage has remained static.

This is a private, non-profit, marina where the members pay moorage fees to cover the annual cost of DOS rent, insurance premiums, and ongoing maintenance as per the objectives stated in the SHORA constitution.

Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddleboards may also be stored on land or on the designated dock area.

All boats will be allocated a specific slip or section of the storage units and must sign a contract agreement.

Members have the first right to moor their boat, non members or residents outside of the SHORA catchment area will be invited on first come first serve basis.


Boats: $4.25 / ft per month (yearly)

Canoe/kayak storage: $100 per year

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