SHORA Constitution


Sunshine Heights Owners and Residents Association

Societies Act


As amended April 16, 2019

The name of the society is: 

Sunshine Heights Owners and Residents Association

The purpose of the society is:

a) To improve and maintain quality of life for residents in Sunshine Heights subdivision of Sechelt, BC or elsewhere as may be determined by the directors of the Society.

b) To lobby, to the best of our abilities, all levels of government, if necessary, for local improvements, bylaw enforcement, regulation of traffic, zoning, etc., in Sunshine Heights and the ecological well-being of Sechelt Inlet and, in particular, Porpoise Bay.

c) To promote community spirit and pride among Sunshine Heights owners and residents through cooperative community activities.

d) Deleted April 2019

e) To maintain and operate water lot 3139 as non-profit community moorage for recreational pleasure craft of no more than 25 feet in length, for the use of members of the Society.

f) To maintain docks, floats and rafts as well as upland green space for the peaceful, non-commercial use of Sunshine Heights residents.

g) To adopt such objects not inconsistent with the fore-announced by the Executive Board.